12 Common Startup-Killing Mistakes

Startups are becoming trendy these days. The only thing that startup owners need to watch out is the possible downfall if they fail to attract target customers. There are many reasons why a startup can fail. It can be due to lack of funding, executing the wrong strategy, or simply because they are not ready to put up a business yet. Below are some common reasons why these businesses fail that you can take note and avoid when you start your own.

Single founder

Starting a company on your own can be daunting. There is a saying that two heads are better than one. Having more than two partners can be a much better idea, too. Businesses with many founders may involve several ideas, but a sound teamwork could result in effective solutions that can significantly boost a company.

Marginal niche

Most companies fail to succeed before they opted for a niche with a narrow scope or is difficult for their target market to understand and appreciate. It is important to draft a business plan that includes more demography tends to attract more eyes. The wider the niche, the broader the market coverage will be.

Wrong location

Some companies do not understand what it means to have a bad location. If you need better visibility, then you will want to put up your shop where your target consumers and prospective hires are. This way, your business idea will be more effective and progressive.

Derivative idea

Most businesses start from an original idea. While some may proper, many usually will not. One of the reasons why people with original ideas make it is because they answer specific consumer needs.

No specific target market

Your product or service will only be successful when you target a specific set of audience. It is crucial to understand the need of your demography. You will also need to know how your products or services will impact their lives.

Raising too little funds

Most startups received funding at some point in their venture. It is essential to know how much money you need, and how much you should receive from investors (in case you consider getting funded). Your perfect sources are companies focusing on providing venture capital. You can also join crowdfunding sites that are a trend these days.

Raising too much funding

New businesses die early because they work on a low budget, but having too much can kill, as well. When you receive money from venture capital companies, you will need to make it work to earn as soon as possible. Investors are extremely careful when it comes to funding startups, especially when it involves a large sum. Moderate funding allows you to relax a bit and reduce the pressure as you begin your venture.


Overspending can kill a business. You need to focus on your budget and spend within it. One of the major reasons why companies over-spend is when they hire too many people.

Poor Investor Management

Some entrepreneurs turn down ideas from investors. These suggestions should not be ignored as they can be useful. However, you should also be aware that always giving in to investors can be detrimental, too.

Fights between Founders

Fights between founders are normal. However, some founders tend to leave before the startup begins bearing fruits. Conflicts usually happen when there is a clash of ideas. The best way to prevent big fights is to work with individuals who share similar visions.

Procrastination on Launching

One reason why a business website launch is delayed is the completion of the software. Procrastinating on the company launch means delaying the company’s ROI. You need to launch it as soon as everything’s set, and understand that there is always an area for improvement.

Profit Over Customers

Successful businesses prioritize their customers before thinking about profit. You can set aside your business model for the meantime, so you can satisfy your customer’s demands at the moment.

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