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Coinspace Australia Review

Coinspace Business Opportunity Review: Better Than Bitcoin or a Scam?

Coinspace offers people an exciting way to earn extra money through cryptocurrency. The company was registered on March 11, 2015, and was founded in Malta by Danjel Pawl. Its website,, gives interested individuals access to every bit of information about the company and its services.

Coinspace Review

Anyone around the world can use Coinspace to generate profit. Read on to know more about this online business opportunity, and see for yourself whether it is legit or a scam.


Coinspace has mining packages to help users earn money. Just like network marketing, all affiliates must market the affiliate membership in order to begin earning. They can start investing in the offered packages upon joining, and check out several multi-level marketing opportunities.

The following packages already include the S-Coin points:

  • Double Mine with 2000 S-Coins
  • Half Mine with S-Coins
  • Full Mine with 1000 S-Coins
  • Quarter Mine with 250 S-Coins
  • Minimum Mine with 30 S-Coins
  • Basic Mine with 100 S-Coins

According to the company, each S-Coin is equivalent to €0.5 EUR.

How Coinspace works

Affiliates must invest in one of the packages offered:

  • Half Mine with €3000 EUR
  • Double Mine with €12,000 EUR
  • Full Mine with €6000 EUR
  • Basic Mine with €700 EUR
  • Quarter Mine with €1500 EUR
  • Minimum Mine with €300 EUR

Only the Double Mine package has a 24-month validity. The rest of the packages offered will expire after 12 months. The major difference between these packages is the income potential, and this occurs through the company’s compensation plan.

Coinspace compensation plan

Affiliates can invest into one of these compensation plans:

  • Half Mine with €3000 EUR
  • Double Mine with €12,000 EUR
  • Minimum Mine with €300 EUR
  • Quarter Mine with €1500 EUR
  • Full Mine with €6000 EUR
  • Basic Mine with €700 EUR

These plans will give you a passive ROI every month. Commissions are settled each time you recruit new affiliates. Meanwhile, the residual commissions will be paid out through a binary structure. Affiliates are paid to invite new recruits who will invest in Coinspace’s attractive packages.

A commission is computed based on how much your new recruits will invest:

  • Minimum Mine – you will get €35 EUR
  • Basic Mine – you will get €84 EUR
  • Quarter Mine – you will get €180 EUR
  • Half Mine – you will get €360 EUR
  • Full Mine – you will get €720 EUR
  • Double Mine – you will get €1440 EUR

S-Coin bonuses and residual commissions

Residual commissions are paid out following a binary structure. Affiliates are on top of the binary team, and there will be two positions under it, and so on. There will always be two positions under every previous position. It only means that you can extend the binary team as deep as you can.

Each package will generate the following point values:

  • Full Mine: 1000 points
  • Double Mine: 2000 points
  • Half Mine: 500 points
  • Basic Mine: 120 points
  • Quarter Mine: 250 points
  • Minimum Mine: 50 points

The weekly investment volume will be monitored across the binary teams. An affiliate will be paid 50 percent of the volume produced by the weaker team. One point is equivalent to €1 EUR.

After the commissions have been paid out, the remaining volume in the stronger team will be carried over to the following week. Affiliates with new recruits – who will invest, of course – will earn S-Coin bonuses:

  • Royal Diamond: 125,000 S-Coins, a luxury car for keeping, a luxury trip;
  • Crown Diamond: 250,000 S-Coins, a villa or a luxury car, and a luxury trip;
  • Black Diamond: 50,000 S-Coins, a luxury car for 12 months, and a luxury trip;
  • Diamond: 15,000 S-Coins, a Rolex watch, a luxury trip, and a luxury car for 12 months;
  • Blue Diamond: 25,000 S-Coins, a luxury car for 12 months, and a luxury trip;
  • Executive Director: 6000 S-Coins, a luxury car for six months, and a MacBook Air;
  • Team Leader: 600 S-Coins, and an iPad Mini
  • Supervisor: 1800 S-Coins, luxury car for six months, and an iPhone
  • Coordinator: 300 S-Coins only

World pool shares

The world pool makes up three percent of Coinspace’s global investment volume. Only affiliates with five Black Diamond affiliates in their downlines will be eligible to earn shares. These will be given out on top of the earned points and bonuses.

Is Coinspace a Scam?

Coinspace is a legit multi-level marketing company that uses cryptocurrency to help its users earn money. The passive ROIs are paid out weekly, provided that the binary team extends continuously. This online business offers users plenty of options to earn money, and the requirements are not too demanding, as well. Coinspace is worth considering for people who want passive income, and have the skill sets necessary to constantly expand their downlines.

12 Common Startup-Killing Mistakes

Startups are becoming trendy these days. The only thing that startup owners need to watch out is the possible downfall if they fail to attract target customers. There are many reasons why a startup can fail. It can be due to lack of funding, executing the wrong strategy, or simply because they are not ready to put up a business yet. Below are some common reasons why these businesses fail that you can take note and avoid when you start your own.

Single founder

Starting a company on your own can be daunting. There is a saying that two heads are better than one. Having more than two partners can be a much better idea, too. Businesses with many founders may involve several ideas, but a sound teamwork could result in effective solutions that can significantly boost a company.

Marginal niche

Most companies fail to succeed before they opted for a niche with a narrow scope or is difficult for their target market to understand and appreciate. It is important to draft a business plan that includes more demography tends to attract more eyes. The wider the niche, the broader the market coverage will be.

Wrong location

Some companies do not understand what it means to have a bad location. If you need better visibility, then you will want to put up your shop where your target consumers and prospective hires are. This way, your business idea will be more effective and progressive.

Derivative idea

Most businesses start from an original idea. While some may proper, many usually will not. One of the reasons why people with original ideas make it is because they answer specific consumer needs.

No specific target market

Your product or service will only be successful when you target a specific set of audience. It is crucial to understand the need of your demography. You will also need to know how your products or services will impact their lives.

Raising too little funds

Most startups received funding at some point in their venture. It is essential to know how much money you need, and how much you should receive from investors (in case you consider getting funded). Your perfect sources are companies focusing on providing venture capital. You can also join crowdfunding sites that are a trend these days.

Raising too much funding

New businesses die early because they work on a low budget, but having too much can kill, as well. When you receive money from venture capital companies, you will need to make it work to earn as soon as possible. Investors are extremely careful when it comes to funding startups, especially when it involves a large sum. Moderate funding allows you to relax a bit and reduce the pressure as you begin your venture.


Overspending can kill a business. You need to focus on your budget and spend within it. One of the major reasons why companies over-spend is when they hire too many people.

Poor Investor Management

Some entrepreneurs turn down ideas from investors. These suggestions should not be ignored as they can be useful. However, you should also be aware that always giving in to investors can be detrimental, too.

Fights between Founders

Fights between founders are normal. However, some founders tend to leave before the startup begins bearing fruits. Conflicts usually happen when there is a clash of ideas. The best way to prevent big fights is to work with individuals who share similar visions.

Procrastination on Launching

One reason why a business website launch is delayed is the completion of the software. Procrastinating on the company launch means delaying the company’s ROI. You need to launch it as soon as everything’s set, and understand that there is always an area for improvement.

Profit Over Customers

Successful businesses prioritize their customers before thinking about profit. You can set aside your business model for the meantime, so you can satisfy your customer’s demands at the moment.

Is Nerium a scam

Nerium Australia Business Opportunity Review: Scam or Legit?

Having a nine-to-five job is not easy. It tests your patience and determination. This is why there has been a growing number of people who quit their jobs and search for other ways to earn money. Many of them choose to put up a home-based business because there is no more need to have a brick-and-mortar office space. One of the most popular home-based businesses is joining a well-respected networking company, like Nerium International. Read on to know more about this company, their products, and the business opportunity they offer.

Nerium Australia Review

Nerium International is an Addison, Texas-based multilevel marketing company that was founded in 2011 by Jeff Olson. Having worked in the network marketing industry for more than 15 years, Olson now has all the experience and skills he needs to establish his own. He is a well-respected person in the industry, and has even written a best-selling book, “The Slight Edge,” that contains useful information about MLM.

The company is one of the fastest-growing US-based companies in 2016. It has had several record-breaking sales and has received numerous industry awards and accolades since its launch many years ago. Just recently, Nerium has expanded its operations in Japan. The company has provided business opportunities to people in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and South Korea.

Nerium was even ranked no.1 in the Inc 500’s fastest-growing U.S companies list under the consumer products and services category. The company has earned $1 billion in cumulative revenue for the last four years.

Nerium Products

The company is popular for its anti-aging products designed to help people stay youthful-looking. Their products include day and night creams, eye serum, and body contouring creams. They also offer its patented age-defying supplement, which you can purchase from the company website or from its distributors.

All of its products received mostly good reviews from its customers. The Oleander content in its products has left many people worried, thinking it is highly toxic and can damage their health. The good news is that the Oleander herb has been diluted with a special patent-pending ingredient called the NAE-8.

Nerium business opportunity

Nerium is known for its attractive business opportunity. Interested individuals will have to choose between two kinds of business packs:

  • Business pack with four containers of Nerium Day Cream, and four containers of Nerium AD
  • Business pack with two tubes of Nerium Firm, 10 containers of Nerium Day Cream, and 10 containers of Nerium AD.

The second business pack is more costly than the first one. Once you have chosen a business pack, you can now start earning commissions by getting other people to join you and become a distributor. These people will then recruit other people, and so on. The more people your team recruits, the more money you will make. This is how things work in the MLM industry.

Nerium compensation plan

Nerium gives rewards to distributors based on their achievement. For instance, when you sponsor your first three people, you will receive a 10 percent check match. The company sometimes give a free iPad to distributors whose downline were able to successfully recruit other people. When your first three recruits have finally gotten an iPad for themselves for the same achievement, you will be given a Lexus car. Once you have helped 12 people receive their own Lexus car, you will get $50,000 worth of bonus and a full-time residual income.

This is the reason why Nerium became popular among people who want to expand their income earning potential. Their compensation plan is solid, and motivating.


In 2012, Nerium became part of the Top 100 MLM companies. In 2014, the company made more than $400 million in revenue and has given out more than $100 million in commissions to its distributors. These achievements show how stable and profitable Nerium is.

The company’s leadership is admirable. Their management team has years of experience in direct-selling. While it is relatively new, Olson is making sure that all distributors, including aspiring ones, will feel at ease knowing that they are supported by the some of the industry’s best people.

Is Nerium A Scam?

Nerium International is a legit multilevel marketing company. It is not a scam. The business opportunities are promising, and the products are safe. There have been reports of allergic reactions, but no two persons are the same and it is still important to consult a doctor before consuming anything unfamiliar. Nerium’s products are generally safe, and have had countless good reviews.

As for its business opportunities, the only way to succeed in the MLM industry is to put time and effort into selling and recruiting. You have to have the needed skill sets to become an exceptional network marketing professional, and achieve your desired return on investment. Overall, Nerium is a legit MLM company that offers attractive products and business opportunities that are definitely worth considering.

Review of Kyani Australia

Kyani Business Opportunity Review: Should You Join Kyani Australia?

Kyani is a health and wellness multi-level marketing company that offers healthy food and beverages, as well as supplements. Launched in 2005, the company has since been going strong for its high quality products and business opportunities. This review will give you more information about Kyani, its products and services, and the money earning opportunities they offer. Read on.

Kyani Review

Kyani provides health and wellness products. Their supplements are offered through direct-selling, and their distributors. This is why the company is classified as a multi-level marketing company. Its distributors can earn money by offering their products, and by recruiting new members to help them sell. It follows a networking business model that helps people earn passive income as their downline grows.

Kyani products

The company focuses on providing nutritional supplements. While these products have yet to receive FDA approval, it is fairly common with these kinds of supplements. There have been plenty of good reviews online about the products, and this is good news.

Kyani Sunset

This supplement is designed to promote quick absorption of nutrients. It contains minerals, vitamins, and omega 3s.

  • Retail Price: $43.95
  • Preferred Customer Price: $39.95
  • Distributor Price: $35.95

Kyani Sunrise

This one has a blend of over 22 superfoods. It also provides 10 essential vitamins, as well as 74 minerals.

  • Retail Price: $43.95
  • Preferred Customer Price: $39.95
  • Distributor Price: $35.95

Kyani Nitro Xtreme

This supplement is packed with more vitamins and minerals.

  • Retail Price: $79.95
  • Preferred Customer Price: $74.95
  • Distributor Price: $69.95

These three products form what the company calls, “the Kyani Triangle of Health.” They all contain the needed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants with countless of studies to back up their effectiveness. Kyani offers a unique collection of healthy products that can help you live longer and better. The company, however, maintain the secrecy of the ingredients to prevent competitors from stealing their unique blends.

Kyani Business Opportunity

The membership cost will depend on the package you buy:

  • Distributor Pack: $40
  • Product Pack: $299
  • Business Builder: $499
  • Premium Business Builder: $999

Here are the things that you need to know if you plan to join Kyani:

  1. You form three teams
  2. You will be paid for all the teams
  3. You will receive up to 30 percent commission from your retail sales
  4. You can qualify for a bonus pool when you hit 500 CV
  5. You can earn residual income by accumulating paygates through sales
  6. You can get at least 20 percent SV of the starter pack whenever you recruit a new member

Kyani also gives recruitment bonuses. A Business Starter Pack will cost $299, but will only carry 130 SV. The company will let you get 20 percent of $130, and not the total cost. It means you get $26 for a $300 sale, which amounts to 13 percent commission.

Kyani Compensation Plan

MLM distributors can earn money through Kyani by recruiting more people in the team. This is where your continuous income will come from. Your income potential grows as you build your downline, and your team members can also earn more as they recruit more. This is how networking works, which is why a lot of people thought Kyani is a scheme.

Kyani’s compensation plan will make it challenging, but manageable for the average joe to earn a substantial amount of income. You will need to sell as many products as you can and recruit more people into the gang, and encourage your team members to do the same.

Verdict – Is Kyani Legit?

Kyani is a legit multi-level marketing company that offers health and wellness products. Despite the lack of an FDA approval, customers have been saying only good things about their supplements because they do work. The business opportunity that they offer is promising, but not for everyone. You need to have the right mindset and skill sets to get into the game and head to the top.

roden and fields business opportunity review

Rodan and Fields Business Opportunity Review

Rodan and Fields is a multi-level marketing company that provides personal care products. The company has been around for more than ten years, and many people have joined them for business opportunities. This article will give you a thorough review of these opportunities, and important information about the company. Read on.

Rodan and Fields

Company overview

Rodan and Fields focuses on the personal care niche. They offer skin care products, which include toners, facial wash, anti-aging creams, and so much more. Drs. Kathy Fields and Katie Rodan founded the company in 2002. Originally, they sold their products in department stores. It was until 2008 when they finally decided to expand their business, and market their products through multi-level marketing.

The business opportunity

Multi-level marketing companies, like Rodan and Fields, profit from people who join them. They earn through recruitment. Most people begin their recruitment cycle by convincing friends and family members to join them, and then these people will start recruiting others. It is a continuous cycle as you grow your downline.

Basically, the more people in your downline, the higher your chances of earning money. The company offers commissions and bonuses to active consultants. In order to become one, you must acquire at least 100 sales volume each month. You will achieve success in this industry when you have a stable flow of leads, both online and offline.

Business kits

The company sells skin care products. You can take advantage of their products by purchasing them at wholesale prices, and selling them at retail prices. The good thing about network marketing companies is that you get to use the products while earning at the same time.

With Rodan and Fields, however, you keep the profits from every sale you make. You can save more money by purchasing a business kit, which is a bundle of products. There are three types of business kits for you to choose from:

  • Personal Rewards business kit (priced at $395)
  • Big Business Launch business kit (priced at $695)
  • RFx Express business kit (priced at $995)

How to earn more

There are five more ways to earn money through Rodan and Fields:

  • Retail: You will buy the products at wholesale prices, and sell them at retail prices. You get to keep the profit.
  • Active consultant commissions: The company gives commissions to active consultants, which are based on the sales that you, your downline, and your sponsored preferred customers make.
  • Personal Team commissions: This is when you obtain at least 100 sales volume or about $600 of personally-sponsored level one volume in a month. You will be promoted to Executive Consultant, and be given the chance to earn this type of commission.
  • Generation overrides: These are commissions from the sales and recruitment that were made five levels deep into your downline.
  • Performance bonuses: You will receive some bonuses when you obtain certain achievements.

What you should know

Rodan and Fields offer personal care products, which are authentic products. As a member of this multi-level marketing company, you will have a website that is part of your portfolio. Joining the company is easy-breezy, and cheap, too. If you have a network that can make the sales, there is no more need to buy the products yourself.

The company claims that all their products are FDA-compliant, meaning they are safe to use. You will also find other information about the company, such as disclosures and compensation plans, on their official website. Every member is required to join through a sponsor, and buy one of their business kits.


Rodan and Fields is not a scam. It is not a pyramid scheme like the other networking companies. The products are FDA-approved and are affordable. Consultants might even find the products easy to sell. You can obtain training and tips from the sponsors, but the rest of the selling and recruiting is all up to you. This is why not all people succeed in this industry.

Aside from you, the people in your downline will determine your success or failure in this type of business. Rodan and Fields offer effective personal care products, but you will only start making money when you start talking to people. If you are not the type of person who can walk up to people and persuade them to join you or buy your products, then this business is not for you.

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