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The Top 20 Home Business Ideas for 2020

There has never been a better place and time to start a home based business than right here and right now!

It is no coincidence almost 10% of the Australian population is currently adding to their income from home.

The digital age enables almost anyone to start a home business or side business.

In this article we will outline some of the benefits of working from home, as well as providing a list of the 20 best home business ideas for Australians we could find, plus a bonus 10 ideas that we came up with after first publishng the article as well – 30 great ideas all up!

Reasons to start a home based business in Australia

Most of us work to get the bills paid. Obviously, making money from home sounds like a great proposition, considering the time many of us spent commuting to our workplace.

Saving the daily travel hassle is just one of the reasons to consider starting a side business from home. Some of the other benefits include:

  • The income potential is often greater than working a normal 9-to-5 job
  • The liberty to choose your own working hours
  • Starting a home business is a true personal challenge. Many people thrive taking such an exciting new step
  • Remaining close to family and friends and being able to plan social events around work, not vice versa

This is by no means an extensive list of reasons, but it surely goes to show that setting up a business from home is a smart thing to think about!

How to earn money from home

In general, we can outline four different ways to earn an income online:

  • Providing services to other entrepreneurs or bigger companies through consulting
  • Different forms of marketing, like MLM (multi level marketing) or network marketing. Party planning is also considered a form of marketing
  • A more traditional form of a brick-and-mortar business, selling goods or services to consumers
  • Making money online by providing online based services, for example: affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, website design. This list is almost endless!

20 Best Home Business Ideas 2020

1. Rideshare

This is a hot new business idea that anyone with a vehicle can start in 2020! The best options currently in Australia are Uber, DiDi, Ola and if you have a scooter, you could try Scooti!

2. Deliver food

What a great way to get paid and keep fit at the same time! Food delivery, much like Rideshare, allows you to provide a service to Australians that is growing rapidly in popularity! The current best options are UberEats and Deliveroo.

3. Party plan

In a way, these are much like network marketing businesses (see below). The idea is to organise a party where you can demonstrate and sell a certain product. Well-known examples include Thermomix and Tupperware parties. We reviewed the best options here.

4. Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

The idea here is form your own network of re-sellers by becoming a representative of a goods or services business. You will then go out and recruit other people to form a similar network. For every sale they make, you will get a commission. You might have heard of big network marketing players like Herbalife, but there are many more to choose from. A lot of people are already having a lot of success with this form of home business, earning a wonderful income. Read our network marketing australia guide.

5. Home based service business

If you have been schooled in any trade job, you can earn a very decent amount of money while still enjoying the benefits of a home based business. You are never too old to learn, so consider taking up an internship or study at your own pace to become a service provider like a plumber or installation expert. If this is not an option, you could provide home cleaning services to people who do not have the proper time to do these chores (often because they are too busy at their 9-to-5 job).

6. Become a bookkeeper

For many entrepreneurs, bookkeeping is one of the most boring and daunting tasks to keep up with. If you have any numerical talent and interest, there are tons of businesses that would like you to help out with their books. Be sure to check if there are any diplomas or prerequisites. There are many courses to enable you to become a bookkeeper in no time flat.

7. Make and sell crafts

Any talents in the painting, sewing, wood cutting, or knitting department? These are just some of the examples of creativity with the potential to source a home based income. Your first customer base will likely be your own social circle, but it can easily be expanded selling at local markets (see below) or through a website. You can build your own website for this purpose, or sell through big online players like Amazon.

8. Sell at markets, fetes and fairs

Just a glance in the local newspaper will reveal many opportunities to sell your own handicrafts, mostly during the weekends. Not a creator? There are many opportunities online to buy products at wholesale prices, which you can then sell at normal prices during on of these events. It should not be too expensive to get a stand at any of these; prices normally range from $20 to $80. Tip: it is easier to make a nice side income with medium priced items, in the $30-$200 price range. Anything lower than that and you might struggle to recoup your initial investment on a slow day.

9. Offer massage therapy

If you like to help people relax – many need it after another day at their tiring regular job! Becoming a massage therapist could be the right fit. You will need some skills of course, but luckily these are pretty easy to pick up with many part time courses available. Look online for certification. You will also need to invest in equipment, like a massage bed or stool, alongside some interior preparation for your practice. All in all, this should not set you back further than $1000. Considering an hourly rate of up to $70, it will all be in a week’s work to more than recoup your initial costs. There is more than one example of massage home businesses doing really well, really quickly.

10. Become a personal trainer

Never out of demand, the personal fitness business is a great market to go into. Qualification should not take more than two months, and once you have your accreditation, the flexibility of being a personal trainer is awesome. There is no need to be a gym owner or even be employed by one of the thousands of gyms across Australia: you can train clients at your or their home, or even better, train them outside! Moreover, you will be helping people improve their health. Quite the nice way to get paid!

11. Bicycle repair

It can be a bit seasonal, but setting up your own bike repair shop in the garage or in a storage unit is a great idea if you know the nuts and bolts of bicycle technicalities. You should strive to add some real cycling enthusiasts to your customer base for year-round service, as they have no problem frolicking around in snow and rain.

12. Sport coach

If you are an experienced golfer for example, (or any other sport with a private training market, you can set up a flexible training schedule with interested clients. One benefit is the possibility to move into the corporate world, thereby greatly increasing your hourly rate. Do keep in mind though you have to be an above average skill set in the given sport to make this work. Also, you will need to be able to inspire and motivate people, as well as be willing to cater to very different types of personalities.

13. Sell goods online

Australians are keen to shop online and lockdowns have increased online buying rates. It is never a bad idea to claim your piece of the pie in this ever growing market. There are many ways to set up your own online store – you could sell craft goods, toys, services or even consumable goods such as alcohol. Gin is a booming market, particularly South Australian Gin. You can sell the aforementioned creative products, or source a product via an online wholesaler. There are a myriad of drop-shipping options as well, which can decrease the workload and make it easier to scale your efforts.

14. Social media management

Companies recognize the need for an effective social media presence and will pay you to update their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

15. Search engine optimisation

A better ranking in the search engines equals more visitors equals more customers. There are many ways to get schooled in SEO, and it is a great service to be able to provide.

16. Website designer

You will be surprised how many companies (especially small ones) often do not yet have a decent website. This is where you come in. Tip: mobile compatibility is a prime requirement for websites these days. Use that to your advantage!

17. Own a website

Building your own website (or investing in one) can bring in a nice side income by placing ads, or becoming an affiliate for products and services. Visitors will click these ads and make you money (often even when you sleep). Many online entrepreneurs have been able to attain a more than comfortable income following this business model. Check out for some helpful tips!

18. Affiliate marketing

This is one of the ways to monetise your own website, but it merits being mentioned on its own. You can also do this without your own site, e.g. through email marketing or using a platform like Amazon.

19. Become a blogger

Write about a niche that interests you and build a following. This will enable you to monetise your writing through ads or endorsements. A fantastic example is Constance Hall. Love her or hate her, she is a fantastic example!

20. Freelance writer

If you do not want to blog you can turn your quick pen into a money maker by writing content for the sites of other businesses. You can sign up to become a writer at sites like iWriter or Upwork.

10 More Ideas To Try!

Well, we’ve added to the list of ideas over time so rather than stopping at 20, we thought we’d give you 10 more options to consider. There are some many fantastic home business options to try!

  1. Freelance graphic designer: Creativity can manifest itself in more than one way: if you are the designer type there is definitely money from home to be made. Upwork is a great place to start.
  2. Translation services: If you happen to be fluent in another language, you could make a good living by providing translation services at a site like
  3. Invest in property: Before you worry about having to come up with thousands of dollars, take a look at and see what you think! Invest for as little as $50.
  4. Share trading: As with property investing, you don’t need thousands to get started. Check out for an initial concept.
  5. Do people’s tax returns: You can charge well over $60, and often three or four times that amount to small business owners if you become accredited to do tax returns. Imagine just doing one return per week for clients… It all adds up to a great business from home!
  6. Do hairdressing from home: Got a flair for hairstyles? Why not get your hairdresser qualifications!
  7. Clean houses: It may not be glamorous, but many people simply do not have the time or inclination to clean their own house. You can typically get $25-$30 per hour cleaning. It’s flexible, requires no skill and just a handful of clients can really add up to a great income!
  8. Look after children: Got friends who have to pay an arm and a leg for childcare? Why not offer to look after their children for a small fee?
  9. Gambling: This is a riskier proposition, but with the explosion of online gambling nowadays, there are plenty of opportunities and different types of bets available. You can visit a website such as Same Game Multis website to check out some unique betting options.
  10. Create an online course: Got a skill? Document it into an online course. Side Hustle Nation has a fantastic resource.

This concludes our list of the top 20 home business ideas for Australians.

We hope we have given you enough information to get started. The most important thing is to take action: the only place where work comes after success is in the dictionary. Start your own home business today!

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