Best Paid Survey Sites

When a parent decides to stay at home but needs something to help supplement the household income or a student is looking to make a little money on the side, online jobs can be a blessing, and there’s no easier online job than paid online surveys.  In the past, many people would simply dismiss the idea of earning from paid online surveys.  A lot of people also believe them to be scam.  Although some sites are just out to con you, many paid online survey sites are in fact legitimate and worth joining.  Here’s a complete guide to paid surveys and a list of the best survey sites.

How do online paid surveys work?

Any company that wants to improve its product or service and research on its target market will most certainly invest time and money in market research, mainly surveys.  Survey sites capitalize on this by letting these companies post surveys on their site.  It is now the survey sites’ task to find more respondents willing to answer surveys and provide information about themselves for research purposes.  With the opinions and demographic information gathered, companies can then gauge their performance in the market plus identify strategies for developing their products, services or branding.

If you’re interested to participate in paid online surveys, you first need to do your research.  Look for a paid survey site that has a good reputation.  You don’t necessarily need to find a site with a stellar track record (although it would be brilliant if you could), just check out which sites have more positive than negative reviews.  Once you’ve decided which site you’d like to sign up for, create an account with that site.  Make sure you have an email address you can specifically use for registration.  Once you’ve completed your registration, you’ll be shown a list of surveys which you can answer.

On average, surveys can last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.  Select a survey and then answer the series of questions as honestly as you can.  Be aware, though, that it’s common for respondents to be asked for information like household income range, gender, and age range.  This is to determine if you’re qualified for the survey as all surveys and research studies are targeted for a certain demographic.  After you finish a survey, you will be rewarded a certain number of points and depending on the site, you can convert those points to cash or vouchers.

What are the benefits of taking online paid surveys?

  1. Almost anyone can participate.

For our recommended list of survey sites, as long as you’re at least 18 years old and a resident of Australia, you can sign up and start earning points.

  1. You have complete control over your time.

You can answer the surveys whenever you want and you can choose between shorter or longer surveys depending on your availability.

  1. You get paid for airing your opinion.

This is your opportunity to let your opinions be heard and help improve the products and services being offered to the public.

  1. There are many surveys to choose from.

Answering surveys can also be interesting as the surveys offered are varied and come from different industries.

  1. It’s easy and convenient.

You don’t need any special knowledge to answer the survey questions.  Also, since the surveys are online, you can answer anytime from your laptop, desktop PC or smartphone.

Important things to remember:

  1. You should join multiple sites.

There’s no rule that says you can only join one online paid survey site.  If you’re serious about earning money from paid online surveys, register in as many survey sites as you can.

  1. Research on the survey sites you’re considering.

Check out what users are saying about the site.  It’s also best to read the site’s privacy policy to see if they specifically mention not giving your information to third parties if you don’t want to be contacted by telemarketers and other companies.

  1. Keep in mind that legitimate survey sites won’t ask you to pay.

A survey site that will ask you to pay fees for registration or redemption is most likely a scam.  Avoid these sites and do not give any of your information.

  1. Be realistic.

You can’t expect to earn a lot just by taking paid online surveys.  It will also take time for you to accumulate the minimum number of points required so don’t expect a payout after just a few surveys.

  1. Give truthful answers.

If quality control inspectors determine that your answers are not consistent, you could be blocked from that survey and other future surveys.  Worse, your account could be suspended and you might be blacklisted from the site.

  1. Be aware that you might not qualify for some surveys.

Some surveys will ask for your information at the beginning to determine if you’re part of their target market.   If you’re not qualified, you won’t be able to answer that survey.

  1. Check your emails and your survey site account frequently.

If you wait too long and answer the survey a few days after the invitation email was sent to you, there’s a chance that the survey might have already reached its quota for number of respondents and closed.

  1. You won’t receive a lot of surveys every day.

The number of surveys you’ll be invited to depends on which of the site’s current surveys match your profile.  This is also why it’s a good idea to sign up for more than one online paid survey site.


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Best Paid Survey Sites

  1. Aztec Shopper Panel

This site offers more than one way to earn points which can be redeemed in the Aztec merchandise store.  The main method is using their “Scan and Go” app to scan the items you bought.  Another way is to answer surveys on products you use.  You can also enter weekly or monthly draws to win a prize.  Additionally, you get 500 points upon installing the app and an eGift card worth $10 for the first item you scan.

  1. Cash crate

A survey site that was established in 2006, CashCrate provides multiple ways of earning cash, from answering surveys to watching videos and playing games.  Surveys are usually worth around $1. Participants are also rewarded with $1 upon signing up and there are at least two surveys sent every day.  Another great feature of this site is that some participants can be qualified to earn more.  However, you can only withdraw your earnings if you’ve reached the minimum amount of $20.

  1. Globaltestmarket

Globaltestmarket is a survey site that’s available in at least 55 countries all over the world.  Each survey could be worth up to $5.  Although you need at least $50 to claim your earnings, you won’t have to wait too long to accumulate this much as many surveys are offered regularly.  Also, even if you’re disqualified from a survey, you can still have sweepstakes entries.  Globaltestmarket’s payment methods include gift cards, cheques and PayPal.

  1. Izatso

Izatso lets participants accumulate points by answering online surveys and participating in product tests.  Some of these product tests or taste tests can be done from home, while others are to be taken at a designated venue.  Once you’ve reached the minimum amount of $30, you can claim your earnings via PayPal or gift vouchers for various stores.  Some users have commented, though, that they have more product tests than online surveys.

  1. Live Tribe

Live Tribe, another leading survey site, focuses on online surveys but offers a lot of different rewards.  Aside from cash through Paypal, you can redeem your points for gift cards, vouchers, sweepstakes entries and even donations to charities.  They also have a referral program as well as monthly and quarterly prize draws.  To exchange your points for gift vouchers, the minimum amount required is $10, and for PayPal, the minimum amount is $25.

  1. Myopinions

One site that has a referral program aside from online surveys is  The points you earned can be exchanged for gift cards, vouchers, sweepstakes entries and cash through PayPal.  Also, one unique feature of their site is their loyalty program.  As you finish more surveys, your loyalty level increases and you get more bonuses weekly.   The minimum amount to redeem points for gift cards is $10 and for PayPal, it’s $20.  Myopinions also has a quarterly cash draw.

  1. Mysurvey

Mysurvey is currently one of the most popular and reputable online paid survey sites in the industry.  Most surveys are worth between 50-500 points.  Select participants may also be invited to join special webcam surveys that offer more points.  You can change your points to gift cards or cash through PayPal, once you’ve accrued the minimum payout amount of $10.  The only major concern that users have with this site is that some of them keep getting disqualified from surveys.

  1. My View

If variety of online survey topics is what you’re looking for, MyView likely has the most to offer.  There’s something for everyone’s interest: fashion, gadgets, music videos, and even movie trailers.  Most of their surveys are worth 1,000 points, equivalent to $1 and the good news is despite not qualifying for a survey, you can still receive 100 points.  There are a lot of surveys available so you can earn the minimum payout amount of $10 in a few weeks.

  1. Nielsen Digital Voice

This is probably one of the best offers ever.  Merely install Nielsen Digital Voice’s app on your PC and keep it running and you’ll earn points every month which you can exchange for gift cards.  The app’s purpose is to track your Internet usage and you have nothing to fear from downloading their app as Nielsen is a trusted market research company.   From time to time, you will also be asked to answer online surveys.

  1. Nielsen Mobile Panel

Nielsen Mobile Panel is similar to their Digital Voice app but for tablets and smartphones.  Installing and keeping their app on your mobile phone lets you earn points every month. The app’s purpose is to study what’s being watched most on majority of mobile devices.  You can receive up to $50 every year just for letting the app stay on your phone.  Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for items on their online store, like shopping vouchers.

  1. Opinion World

Another terrific paid survey site, Opinion World, offers surveys on various topics.  They also have a quarterly draw worth $5,000 which you become eligible for as soon as you join. You earn rewards points and another entry into the draw with each survey you finish.  When you reach the minimum payout amount of $10, you can convert your points to cash through PayPal, or gift cards from major stores, including Amazon and iTunes.

  1. Pure Profile

If you’re more interested in survey sites that reward you with cash instead of a points system, check out Pure Profile.  You can earn $1 – $5 for each survey you finish and if you don’t qualify, you’ll still be rewarded with 20 cents.  You also get to earn money from viewing specific websites and videos.  Plus, they have a great referral program in place.  You can claim your earnings via bank transfer once you’ve accumulated at least $25.

  1. Rewards Central

It’s quick and easy to earn points for answering surveys on Rewards Central.  Their surveys vary in length and topic so you have several to choose from.  You can earn around 200 points per survey and once you have 1,100 points equivalent to $10, you can exchange these for cash through PayPal, gift cards for major stores or donations to charities.  Their daily guessing game is also fun and they have an annual prize draw worth $10,000.

  1. Select Opinion Leaders

On Select Opinion Leaders, members earn points from answering online surveys and joining focus groups for product tests.  The number of points or cash awarded usually depends on the type as well as length of the study and even if you’re disqualified from an online survey, you can still earn 10 points.  Your accumulated points can then be redeemed for gift cards (minimum of 3,800 points or $30) or cash through cheques (minimum of 2,300 points or $20).

  1. Surveyhead/ iPoll

Now called iPoll, Surveyhead is available in several countries and offers many rewards options for answering surveys and occasional product tests.  Members can earn gift cards for major stores, movie vouchers, and cash via PayPal.  The reward for each survey varies depending on the survey type.  You also receive a $5 bonus when you first sign up.  To claim your earnings, you need to accumulate a minimum of $50 for cash through PayPal and at least $25 for gift cards.

  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks offers more than just online surveys.  You can also earn rewards from other activities like viewing videos and using their customized search engine.  The more activities you complete, the more rewards points or Swagbucks you receive, and you can convert these to cash via PayPal or gift cards for major stores like Amazon.  The minimum payout amount for cash via PayPal is 2,500 Swagbucks ($25) and for gift cards, it can be as low as 85 Swagbucks.

  1. Toluna

Topping the list of highly recommended websites is Toluna.  They regularly send several surveys and offer product tests, which means you can accumulate points faster, not to mention you receive 500 bonus points upon signing up.  Other fun features of this site are their Gifties (virtual gifts), games, monthly draws, and loyalty program.  To convert your points to gift cards for major stores or cash on PayPal, you need at least 60,000 points or $20.

  1. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is well-liked by users since they regularly send various surveys that match your profile and each standard survey is worth $2 – $5.  Some respondents can also be invited to focus groups for special market research studies which provide higher rewards.  You can claim your reward through gift cards for major stores or you can donate your earnings to a charity once you accumulate at least $20.  Valued Opinions also has occasional prize draws and a referral program.

  1. YouGov

The topics on YouGov surveys can interest anyone; they even have political polls.  Unlike other sites where you can expect to be disqualified for some surveys, YouGov hardly ever disqualifies respondents.  You can answer many surveys in a short period of time as their surveys usually last only 5-20 minutes.  They also have regular monthly and special draws. Upon reaching a minimum of 5,000 points, you can exchange these for gift cards to stores or restaurants, or cash through PayPal.

  1. Your Voice (SSI)

Your Voice doesn’t offer cash payouts unlike other survey sites but they are still very reliable.  Points can be exchanged for gift cards and vouchers for major stores like Amazon and iTunes.  It’s not very difficult to accumulate the minimum payout amount of 50 points since their surveys usually take 10-15 minutes only.  They also have other research studies from time to time. Plus, they have a quarterly draw which you get entries for every time you finish a survey.

It may not make you thousands of dollars or reward you quickly but answering online surveys can be a good use for your spare time.  You don’t just get paid, you could also end up doing something fun or joining interesting activities.  Plus, your participation in research studies supports the improvement of the products and services on the market.  Though there are advantages and disadvantages to each survey site, answering online surveys in general can be profitable in the long term.  With the right mindset, patience and steady work, you can happily earn a little extra every few months.

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