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Affiliate Marketing Explained

With the world we live in today, one filled with technology and millions of ways to make money with said technology, it is very likely that you have at least heard of affiliate marketing. However, just because we have heard of something does not mean we understand it or even know what it is!

Having said that, this article will focus on everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. It will include exactly what it is, how you can do it, where you can learn it and the best affiliate programs to become involved in if this concept sounds like something that you are interested in undertaking. Read on to get all this information and more!

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common and simplest ways of earning money online. When it
comes to earning income online there are two basic avenues to travel down. The first one is to sell your own product or service. The second is to promote and/or sell someone else’s product or services. With affiliate marketing you are doing the latter. So, how does this all work?

First of all you need to have your own website or blog. If you want to be involved in this type of program it only takes minutes to set up one of these things and so many people love running their own blog especially!

*If you need to start a blog in order to get into affiliate marketing, the site below offers information on how to do it step by step according to Amy Lynn Andrews.*

Moving on …

Second, figure out what type of service or product that you feel that you can recommend to your blog readers/followers. Once you do you can find a company which offers this product or service and partner with said company and then begin marketing their offerings. Doing this makes you an affiliate marketer. Now we will follow up with an example …

You have chosen to work with Company ABC. On your site or blog you tell your readers all about the great things that Company ABC has to offer them. This can be done by writing about their products and services or putting up ads for the company to link your readers to them directly. While you can do one or the other, you really should be doing both of these things for the maximum results.

If you are going to use an ad link then you cannot just make one yourself and place it. The link must come from the company and is called an affiliate link. This link contains unique information that will show the company that the traffic sent to them came from your site, thus allowing you the credit and income from any sales generated from the following of the link by your readers.

So, the link is in place and your readers click on it. Doing so takes them to the website of Company ABC and they find something that they are interested in purchasing. When they make their purchase through clicking on your unique link to their site the company can see that it came from you advertising efforts. The company is so very grateful to you for diving business their way that they give you a commission as a reward. Basically, this is what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

Where to Learn Affiliate Marketing

Knowing how affiliate marketing works and the basic information to get into it are good first steps to getting started. However, there are ways to really get informed on how to do this with programs that serve as training courses. A simple search can point you in the right direction. However, there are some places that are better than others when it comes to teaching you the ropes.  Below are a few of the best places to get schooled in becoming an affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate

This site teaches you four steps to becoming an affiliate; a successful affiliate at that! The first step they speak of is picking out what interests you. The next tells you how to build your site to help you do the best you can with your chosen interest. From there you will learn about how to attract people to your site and earn an income. The information offered here is free.


This is a paid training site that is well worth the money you invest in it. It has been teaching people just like you how to become successful in this field since 1999.  Here you will learn about payout options, built in marketing, marketing groups, stats and reports and much more. Chose from three training packages to meet your specific training needs.


Finally we have Slideshare which is a unique way to learn affiliate marketing. Here you learn about lowering your bounce rate. The bounce rate is how many people come to your site without following the affiliate link which is obviously not a good thing for business. Learn how to work with this aspect of affiliate marketing and you will have much more success!

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Last but not least we want to share with you what the best programs for affiliate marketing are. After you get involved deeper and learn more you can pick any affiliate program. However, in the beginning it is a good idea to go with a top program so you can get the hang of things and make some decent income. Below are the top five rated affiliate program sites to help get you started on the right foot.

  • Google AdSense: top affiliate program for the past 10 years
  • LinkShare
  • most vendors of every affiliate program which means more opportunities
  • Clickbank: very high rates of commission compared to many other programs
  • Commission Junction: best one stop shopping of all programs

Getting started with each of these sites is very simple so you should have no problem getting the hang of things quickly. So, good luck!