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15 Ways Australians Can Make Money From Home


If you love working from home and you’re a quick typist, TranscribeMe may be your new way of raking in the money. By signing up to become a Transcriber for TranscribeMe, you’re able to listen to audio files and transcribe them for quick cash. Are you in between jobs? No problem – this website can help you get by. The best part about working for TranscribeMe is that you can set your own hours and how much you work! This gives you an incredible amount of freedom and there is absolutely no minimum for the amount of work you do. Do as little or as much as you want! by Amazon

This one is a crowdsourcing type job and is more hidden than others, surprisingly, even though runs it. M Turk stands for “Mechanical Turk and is a website in which companies request their “hits” to be worked on and completed. Most of the time, the hits available are redundant ones where they may need someone to go through a task and repeat it several times. Others pay big cash for lengthier tasks. For the hits that pay more, they may require you to complete a test to be approved to work on these. If you want a chance at the best hits for bigger companies and more money, you will need to keep a steady percentage of “approved” hits. Pay right to your bank account when ready! This is another website that allows you to work as little or as much as you can.

This one is for the music lovers – allows you to review songs and get paid for it! All you need to do is listen to at least 30 seconds of a song, give your honest opinion and hit the send button! You are then immediately paid a few cents for each review. The more reviews you do that are accurate to their average review, the more you get paid per review. Work your way up and become a top music reviewer! Discover new artists while getting paid – it’s truly one of the best at home jobs.

Beauty Vlogging

This is one that is becoming increasingly popular, but if you’re more of the artistic type, then this may be your favorite option. When you become a beauty vlogger and work your way up in the world of YouTube, you can start streaming and creating online classes on various websites while charging for each “student” that watches and learns from your videos. Charge a small fee per class uploaded much like does! Do what you love and do what you can to do it successfully in new and innovative ways. Udemi and Skillfeed are great websites to utilize for uploading and selling classes.

This is a great way to make money if you’re the ultimate marketing guru. Offer your talents to the World Wide Web and charge $5 per job done. If you do a simple 4 quick jobs, you’ve already made $20! This is also a great website to sell your makeup or beauty video classes on.

Formerly oDesk and, allows freelancers of all different working genres to put their talents out there for major companies to see. Take on small or big jobs to bring in a full-time job income. Whether you’re doing it in your spare time or looking to transition from a 9-5 office job to an at home job, UpWork is the place to do so and is one of the leading websites in freelancing. Whether you’re a graphic designer, a developer, customer service agent or writer, can find you the job you want.

Affiliate Marketing

Do you already partake in one of these activities online to make money? Do you have quite the following on one of your social media accounts? Whether Tumblr or Instagram, affiliate marketing may be able to help you make some extra cash. When you team up with a company who’s willing to provide you with an affiliate link, you’re able to promote said link and get your followers to click on the link. Every time a unique IP address clicks on the link, you get more money.


This smartphone app allows you to sell your items right from your phone. Snap a photo and directly upload on the app where thousands upon thousands of people are waiting to buy items they’ve been eyeing. Maybe you stocked up on the latest technology in bulk and you’re looking to sell them somewhere other than eBay; if so, Mercari may be the app for you. You can even get credits in the form of Mercari cash when you get someone to sign up through your link! Refer and get rewarded.

Sell Your Graphics

Websites like Spoonflower allow graphic designer’s to actually sell their designs. We aren’t talking about poorly made shirts; we’re talking about yards of fabric with your own designs on them. It may be hard to find unique fabrics in stores like Michaels that aren’t generic and something most people have seen, you can start selling your own that the people of the Internet may be searching for.

Become A Taxi Driver

Websites like Uber and Lyft are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re in a large city and don’t mind driving for others, you can make this your full time job. Sign up, pass a background check and start driving people around for your own price! Work at odd hours to beat the business and get the cash flowing in your pocket. Now available in Australia, it’s taking the country by storm. There are plenty of Australian Uber chapters whether you’re in Sydney or Melbourne.

Become A Teacher

No degree needed – you can become a language teacher! If you’re fluent in multiple languages, is the best website for you. You can set your own prices and your own hours to teach others how to speak a language they’re passionate about learning. With this website, you can gain experience and work your way up to a corporate job in language teaching! International payments are available through this website.

Sell Your Articles

If you’re someone who wants to inform others in different areas, but have no outlet to post on, you’re able to sell your articles on websites like and Once you build up relationships with people looking for articles, you may land jobs being a writer for said websites buying from you! This is a great way to get noticed by marketing companies who need fresh ghostwritten content.

Become A Mystery Shopper

It’s always a mystery to most how to become one of these, but thanks to, you’re able to apply to become a mystery shopper. You’re able to set your own hours as well! Other credible websites include By being a mystery shopper, you go undercover as a shopper or diner at a restaurant or store and get paid to review the experience!

Become an Influencer

This is one for people who have a larger following on social media. By signing up for Stylinity, you’re able to take photos of yourself in your Outfits of the Day, tag the companies and get paid! It’s also important to note that you get paid once someone buys a product they clicked on through your outfit photo. It’s a great way to promote yourself as a fashion blogger and get paid by uploading and promoting aesthetically pleasing photos of you!

Be a Photographer

This seems like a no-brainer, but if you’re an amateur photographing and wanting to sell your photos, use websites like Dreamstime, 123RF, Getty Images and more to sell your photos as stock images. When you set a small price for images of popular items or super basic images, you’ll be able to make a ton of money. Promote your work on outlets like Instagram and get businesses to notice your photography work. Since more and more marketing agencies are looking for stock images on articles, business is booming for amateur photographers with great photos.