Coinspace Australia Review

Coinspace Business Opportunity Review: Better Than Bitcoin or a Scam?

Coinspace offers people an exciting way to earn extra money through cryptocurrency. The company was registered on March 11, 2015, and was founded in Malta by Danjel Pawl. Its website,, gives interested individuals access to every bit of information about the company and its services.

Coinspace Review

Anyone around the world can use Coinspace to generate profit. Read on to know more about this online business opportunity, and see for yourself whether it is legit or a scam.


Coinspace has mining packages to help users earn money. Just like network marketing, all affiliates must market the affiliate membership in order to begin earning. They can start investing in the offered packages upon joining, and check out several multi-level marketing opportunities.

The following packages already include the S-Coin points:

  • Double Mine with 2000 S-Coins
  • Half Mine with S-Coins
  • Full Mine with 1000 S-Coins
  • Quarter Mine with 250 S-Coins
  • Minimum Mine with 30 S-Coins
  • Basic Mine with 100 S-Coins

According to the company, each S-Coin is equivalent to €0.5 EUR.

How Coinspace works

Affiliates must invest in one of the packages offered:

  • Half Mine with €3000 EUR
  • Double Mine with €12,000 EUR
  • Full Mine with €6000 EUR
  • Basic Mine with €700 EUR
  • Quarter Mine with €1500 EUR
  • Minimum Mine with €300 EUR

Only the Double Mine package has a 24-month validity. The rest of the packages offered will expire after 12 months. The major difference between these packages is the income potential, and this occurs through the company’s compensation plan.

Coinspace compensation plan

Affiliates can invest into one of these compensation plans:

  • Half Mine with €3000 EUR
  • Double Mine with €12,000 EUR
  • Minimum Mine with €300 EUR
  • Quarter Mine with €1500 EUR
  • Full Mine with €6000 EUR
  • Basic Mine with €700 EUR

These plans will give you a passive ROI every month. Commissions are settled each time you recruit new affiliates. Meanwhile, the residual commissions will be paid out through a binary structure. Affiliates are paid to invite new recruits who will invest in Coinspace’s attractive packages.

A commission is computed based on how much your new recruits will invest:

  • Minimum Mine – you will get €35 EUR
  • Basic Mine – you will get €84 EUR
  • Quarter Mine – you will get €180 EUR
  • Half Mine – you will get €360 EUR
  • Full Mine – you will get €720 EUR
  • Double Mine – you will get €1440 EUR

S-Coin bonuses and residual commissions

Residual commissions are paid out following a binary structure. Affiliates are on top of the binary team, and there will be two positions under it, and so on. There will always be two positions under every previous position. It only means that you can extend the binary team as deep as you can.

Each package will generate the following point values:

  • Full Mine: 1000 points
  • Double Mine: 2000 points
  • Half Mine: 500 points
  • Basic Mine: 120 points
  • Quarter Mine: 250 points
  • Minimum Mine: 50 points

The weekly investment volume will be monitored across the binary teams. An affiliate will be paid 50 percent of the volume produced by the weaker team. One point is equivalent to €1 EUR.

After the commissions have been paid out, the remaining volume in the stronger team will be carried over to the following week. Affiliates with new recruits – who will invest, of course – will earn S-Coin bonuses:

  • Royal Diamond: 125,000 S-Coins, a luxury car for keeping, a luxury trip;
  • Crown Diamond: 250,000 S-Coins, a villa or a luxury car, and a luxury trip;
  • Black Diamond: 50,000 S-Coins, a luxury car for 12 months, and a luxury trip;
  • Diamond: 15,000 S-Coins, a Rolex watch, a luxury trip, and a luxury car for 12 months;
  • Blue Diamond: 25,000 S-Coins, a luxury car for 12 months, and a luxury trip;
  • Executive Director: 6000 S-Coins, a luxury car for six months, and a MacBook Air;
  • Team Leader: 600 S-Coins, and an iPad Mini
  • Supervisor: 1800 S-Coins, luxury car for six months, and an iPhone
  • Coordinator: 300 S-Coins only

World pool shares

The world pool makes up three percent of Coinspace’s global investment volume. Only affiliates with five Black Diamond affiliates in their downlines will be eligible to earn shares. These will be given out on top of the earned points and bonuses.

Is Coinspace a Scam?

Coinspace is a legit multi-level marketing company that uses cryptocurrency to help its users earn money. The passive ROIs are paid out weekly, provided that the binary team extends continuously. This online business offers users plenty of options to earn money, and the requirements are not too demanding, as well. Coinspace is worth considering for people who want passive income, and have the skill sets necessary to constantly expand their downlines.

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