ways to make money online

Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online

More and more people are turning to the internet to earn money from home. Online business ideas have never been more popular, or easier to implement than in the current climate.

There are more ways than ever to make money online, and the beauty of the internet is that you can get started instantly in most cases. Without having to leave your home, without having to face the rush hour traffic, and without having to answer to anyone else.

It’s for these reasons that working online is becoming an attractive proposition for more and more people. It’s not just stay-at-home moms, people looking for a side hustle for a little extra cash, or those with no other options.

Making money online is an attractive proposition for anyone. With scalable ideas, passive income streams, and limitless earning potential. If you are interested in learning more about some of the top ways people are earning money online – you will find this article very useful.

Here are 10 ways to make money online.

Building Niche Websites

One of the oldest, and still reliable methods of earning some cash online is through building niche websites. Granted, it’s not as easy as a lot of online guides will lead you to believe, but it’s a viable and real way to make money.

If this concept is completely new to you, in simple terms you can view building sites as owning a little ‘digital real estate’. By claiming a little of the online space, you can build a site around your desired interests and attract visitors.

Then you can sell products, host advertising, or sell your services. We will look at some of these avenues in more detail throughout this post, but all are valid revenue streams.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an advertising platform for webmasters to earn income from their websites. It’s incredibly easy to use, and will earn the owner of the site revenue every time a visitor clicks on one of the adverts.

Many online entrepreneurs make their living from Adsense sites. It’s a formula that can be scaled up once you are familiar with the process. You can outsource the content and web design of your sites, and earn a passive income online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically a performance based marketing, where participants earn commissions through promoting and selling products on behalf of businesses. The most popular example of this is the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Through the Amazon program you advertise or recommend Amazon products through a website, on social media, or any other avenue online and earn a commission on any sales. The beauty of this method is that almost everyone uses Amazon anyway, so becoming a middle broker isn’t that difficult.


With an EBay account, a PayPal account, a small amount of start-up investment, and a few hours a week, you can start earning money on EBay. EBay is one of the longest running, and largest marketplaces online for used goods.

There are millions of users all over the globe, meaning that almost any hobby, niche, or product can be sold. This means that will a little hustle, and some smart decisions, you can start making money almost instantly – and the sky’s the limit.

The basic principle is to buy goods at a fair or low price, and then sell them at a higher price on EBay. This is a popular source of secondary income for many people. Or a way for stay-at-home Moms to earn a little extra cash.

Self-publishing eBooks

The term ‘self-publishing’ would have been laughed at a few years ago. However, there are now thousands of people self-publishing books online and making some decent money.

If you have a passion for writing, feel like you have a good story that you need to get written up, or just want to publish a book to earn some revenue, there has never been an easier time than now. The Kindle marketplace is very accessible, and you can become a published author overnight.


Blogging is similar to the niche websites I wrote about earlier. The main difference being that a blog is an ongoing process, while niche sites tend to be a few pages deep and all centred around a niche, or product.

With a blog you have the freedom to write as often or as little as you like. You can build up an audience over time, and start to market affiliate products and recommend other products and services that will earn you a commission.

You can also use Google Adsense on a blog, another way to earn a passive income from your visitors. Blogging can take a while to get off the ground, so you need a never quit attitude. But it doesn’t need to be time consuming, and needn’t be your only revenue source.

Content Mills

Content Mills are companies that use a large number of freelance writers to supply content to their clients. You can start earning money online almost instantly by writing for one of the many content mills. Sites such as Hirewriters, iWriter and Textbroker are all examples of popular content mills.

There is usually a short test before you are accepted. A formality if you are native English speaking and have an average level of grammar and writing. You then select articles you are comfortable writing from the list of available jobs.

Writers are typically paid weekly, and you can expect to earn anywhere from $2 – $10 for a 500 word article. The rates increase as you gain more reputation and become faster at completing orders.


Freelancing is a great way to earn money online. Online business ideas can be made a reality by posting any jobs on a freelancing site and vetting prospective freelancers to carry out the work. Sites such as Freelancer and Elance are two of the most popular examples.

In reality, almost any kind of job you can think of gets posted on these sites. But the most popular jobs are writing gigs, web design, SEO services, and various virtual assistant tasks. The market places can be very competitive for the more desirable jobs. But by bidding lower than others and proving your skillset, you can secure work.


Fiverr.com is one of the top 10 largest websites, which means you can be sure there are millions of users daily visiting the site. This means you have a tremendous amount of exposure at your fingertips.

The Fiverr platform works by buying and selling services for $5. There are additional services that sell for higher amounts, but the bulk of the jobs are at the $5 mark. You can sell almost any service you desire, from web design, to writing poems, building backlinks, or making videos of signing animals.

It’s a platform that is ideal for those with a creative streak. Maybe you have some particular skills that you want to monetize? Fiverr is the place to offer those skills, you won’t find a larger marketplace online.


Craigslist is the online version of a large collection of classified ads. Classified ads used to dominate newspapers and magazines, making it easy for people to buy and sell goods and services. Using Craigslist, it’s easy to reach people anywhere in the world and trade services or products.

Posting ads on Craigslist is quick and easy. You can make money selling items, offering your services, or replying to ads for freelance work. You need to be careful as there is a large amount of spammy or scammy ads. But with some patience and acting with caution, you can find a goldmine of money making opportunity.

If you have a home business, like baked goods or offer services in your local area – the local ads are a great way to do some promotion. If you have online business ideas, you can reach millions of people on a global scale.


There are some varied and very different methods to earn money online highlighted in this article. They are all very real ways to get started with earning revenue from home. They are not ‘get rich quick’ schemes. They require work and patients.

The wonderful aspect of working online is that you can work literally anywhere that you have an internet connection. This location independence is one of the most desirable aspects of online work, and along with the freedom to work your own hours, and not have to leave your house – there are a lot of perks.